permission, or the lack thereof

I didn't do one of these yesterday, which is a bit of a disappointment. I was on a pretty good streak! You gotta go away to come back I guess.

You know what's hard about writing a blog? You can't use any emojis (or at least I've made the stylistic choice to do so). With emojis, you can get across the true inflection of your words more accurately, so because I've made this choice to not use them, I can't help but wonder how people read what I say. In today's soundbite culture, I feel slightly justified worrying about being taken out of context. Isn't it kind of weird that your inflection is an extension of the context of whatever you say? Big ups to whoever invented emojis. It's a pretty crazy thing to basically create an entirely new way to express ourselves and extend our written language, allowing for us to better express the context of our words. Yet, I think my blog would look nicer without them, so I'll have to do my best to express myself accurately, or suffer the consequences.

Somewhat related, I wanted to bring up something that's been inspiring me lately: no one is going to give you permission to do anything. As in, if you're a person who wants to go out and makes something happen for yourself, you can't wait for the world to allow you to. That's partly why I'm writing this blog (and by extension, creating this whole website). I could've sat around waiting for someone to come along and anoint me with the privilege to start blogging, painting, or any other thing someone could want to do, but why wait until then when I've got right now? The anointment, permission, whatever I'm calling it, doesn't exist. The only thing that's real is getting to work and being persistent. Only like, two people probably read this blog, but if I keep it going maybe I'll be at three by the end of the year! You can't look at the people at the top of the mountain and think "it will be impossible to get up there!", and scare yourself from even trying in the first place. You have to realize the climb was probably a struggle for them to, but they weren't too afraid to allow themselves to start. I've been too afraid to allow myself to start for too long. I'm still not sure if I'm good, or strong enough, but I figure starting is the only way to get stronger.

Hopefully I won't miss any more days. It's hard to do this every day, but I feel like it will be good for me in the long run. Consistency bears fruit.

Read the books "Steal Like An Artist" by Austin Kleon, a really interesting book on finding artistic inspiration in your day to day life.