i wonder what that would look like

Most of the time when I make art, I generally don't think about the purpose of the piece until after it's finished (usually taking a couple weeks for me to figure it out myself). Yet, looking back on them, they are usually a good approximation of my mental state at the time of their creation.  They somehow serve as a funhouse mirror reflection of my life, but with  hindsight I can usually see myself pretty clearly. Yet, that also comes with the consequence of knowing the oft unfortunate circumstances that might have prompted some of my more personal pieces, and as a young male idiot those tend to be prompted by my romantic experiences with women. I try to pass these works off as some sort of commentary on relations between the sexes, specifically men's (usually) flawed relationship with women, but I know that there's a piece of me and the real people I've painted about that can't be severed from the paintings. I wonder if any of those people have seen the paintings I've indirectly made about them, and if they've realized that's what was going on. Maybe if they read this they might give my paintings a second look, ha.

But this kind of brings me to a weird thought: I wonder what it would look like if they painted me (or about me) instead. I figure if I air out my feelings via my work, I can't help but be curious about how they might express themselves regarding me. I'd really like to see that painting, not purely because I'm a narcissist, but because I just wonder if it would look more real than my own fun house reflection. Maybe they could teach me a new technique or two as well.

Anyways, last night we finished the first draft of our script for our upcoming short film. I'm pretty excited about this! More updates on this as they come. That's it.

If you're interested in some weird funky music from Somalia, check out the song Dooyo by Dur Dur Band. This song is an ultra bop if i've ever heard one.