Really not sure what to put here, what are you supposed to say about yourself?

I'm an artist, musician, designer, and programmer. I like video too.

I'm from Fort Worth, Texas, but based in Brooklyn, New York.

I make (stuff) because I want to add/contribute new good things to the universe, and the communities around me. (???) I guess. I'd like to think I'm the type of person who sees potential in everything, which drives me to make projects that... fulfill that potential. To an extent, I do do this for money, but that's only because I want to make money to fund my ??"more grand"?? artistic endeavors in the future. So, buy a print, and maybe I can keep making work, as it is my main source of income, hah. o_o.

I just like making cool work. Maybe you could follow along?


thank you for coming by the site!

based in brooklyn, ny